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We don’t have a real life cat in our flat yet, but we have signed a contract for our cat! Like mentioned in the last post, we have visited Sabine Mecl-Castaldi from Patch of Heaven Bengals today. It was a very nice meeting,

Yesterday in the evening I received a phone call from Sabine Mecl-Castaldi of Patch of Heaven Bengals First, she told me that the cat we were interested in is already reserved, but then she also mentioned that she has another litter.

Besides Rehbis, I am also in contact with “Patch of Heaven Bengals” (since yesterday) and “Wildfelja“. As Rehbis, I wrote them, that we would like to visit their breed and that I am interested in their current or coming litter. Unfortunately, I did not receive an answer from Rehbis and Wildfelja regarding my wish for […]


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One of the breeder we found and liked (judged by the content and statements on his website) is Anton Rehberger. He is a member of “Austrian Cats United” and registered at “The International Cat Association (TICA)“.

Finding breeder

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We are computer people, so we decided on the breed of our cat after a thorough research on the internet. There are numerous websites informing about looks, characteristics and needs of the different breeds. After deciding on the breed the next question is: Where do we get our cat from? As we are young people […]