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Book about litter pan problems

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I bought the German book “Stille Örtchen für Stubentiger”, which is all about problems with litter pans. In the first place,this book is intended for people who already have problems with their cats and the litter pans, but it is also a good idea to read it before problems even occur to avoid them. Title: […]

This is one of the very few books exclusively about Bengal cats. Title: “Bengal Cats, A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual” Author: Dan Rice D.V.M. (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) Publisher: Barron’s Besides content which is …

Wohnungskatzen (Indoor cats)

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I bought the book with the title “Wohnungskatzen” written by Gabriele Linke-Grün. Unfortunately, it is written in German. I liked it very much. Especially the section “Schöner wohnen” (better living) inspired me. In this section there are hints how to make an apartment interesting for your cat. One of the ideas I am planing to […]