Tigani, our Bengal Cat

and the daily life …

Wohnungskatzen (Indoor cats)

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Wohnungskatzen coverI bought the book with the title “Wohnungskatzen” written by Gabriele Linke-Grün. Unfortunately, it is written in German. I liked it very much. Especially the section “Schöner wohnen” (better living) inspired me. In this section there are hints how to make an apartment interesting for your cat. One of the ideas I am planing to also realize in my apartment is to use the height of rooms and mount so-called cat boards on the walls. The following website shows cat boards and also sells them: http://www.cats-family.de/katzen-kratzbaum-alternative/index.html

This book is sold by Amazon and Weltbild Verlag.


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One of the breeder we found and liked (judged by the content and statements on his website) is Anton Rehberger. He is a member of “Austrian Cats United” and registered at “The International Cat Association (TICA)“. continue reading…

Finding breeder

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We are computer people, so we decided on the breed of our cat after a thorough research on the internet. There are numerous websites informing about looks, characteristics and needs of the different breeds.

After deciding on the breed the next question is: Where do we get our cat from?

As we are young people with lots of nerves, we plan to adopt a kitten from a breeder.

light bulbTip: In our opinion, the best source to find breeder, especially for a rare breed as Bengals in Austria, is the INTERNET.

You can simply start by asking Google.
As I found a lot of material about Bengals, but not really seriously looking breeders, I searched for websites listing breeder. Here are two of them: http://www.tieranzeigen.at/ and http://www.zuechter.info/.

First thoughts …

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We are fascinated about Bengal cats. They are very beautiful cats with a look similar to the Asian leopard cat (ALC) and are known to be playful and active up to a high age.

In this blog we are going to document all our steps and adventures:

  • finding a breeder
  • selecting a kitten
  • preparing our lives and apartment for the kitten
  • and living with it day by day …

We hope that this weblog is going to be helpful for people who are also interested in Bengal cats.