Tigani, our Bengal Cat

and the daily life …

Recently, we received the scratching post we ordered from Petfun. Of course we took some pictures of the show of strength when mounting the thing. The scratching post is completely made out of wood, so there are no cardboard boles. Therefore, it is very heavy and robust :mrgreen:

Here are some pictures with comments:

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Preparations for Tigani

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I collected a list of things we need to do until little Tigani moves in with us. I hope this list is also of interest for other cat owners to-be.

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The date is set

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Yesterday we visited Tigani and Sabine and Karl of Patch of Heaven Bengals. As the first time, they were very kind and answered all our new questions. This time we were allowed to touch Tigani and play a little bit with him. He is adorable and amazingly beautiful, even though he is in fuzzy at the moment.

During our visit we fixed the date when we are going to pick up Tigani. It is the 27th of April at 5 pm :-)

Today the aliens, Martin and Niki, again visited my home. They were very excited to see me and tried to take some pictures, but of course I did not make it easy for them. In the end, half of their pictures were blurred, because I moved in the right moment :mrgreen:

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I am nearly two month old now and I am growing every day. As you can see I am almost as big as my daddy.
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