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Review 2010

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As it is the 1st of January we will review our 8 month with Tigani: The 27th of April 2010 was our fist day with Tigani. Since then a lot of things happened: funny, good, entertaining, but also sad things.

A Catwalk for Tigani

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Gestern haben wir unser Projekt erfolgreich beendet: Der Bau eines Catwalks für Tigani. Hier folgen nun ein paar Fotos von den Bauarbeiten und ein Video von Tigani in Action auf seinem neuen Catwalk: Yesterday we finished our latest project: Building Tigani a Catwalk. In the following you wil find some pictures of the building process […]

I like weekends

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When I am traveling on the countryside with Niki and Martin it is always a lot of fun and entertainment. I already explored the big house of Niki’s parents and I now rule the house, even Niki’s dad is my subordinate. Now I was allowed to go into the garden Niki mounted something annoying on […]

Tigani’s first week

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Tigani’s first week with us is over. The most important and funny facts and pictures: – Status of Tigani: alive and rascally – Status Martin & Niki: alive, exhausted and amused – Damaged furniture (prey and victims): chairs, coach – Number of damaged curtains: 2 out of 4 – Damaged humans (scratches): 2 – Tasted […]

I am a cuddle monster

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Today is my second day at Martin’s and Niki’s home. I already settled in and I like it best to cuddel them all day. Yesterday I kept them up all night so that they are tired and unresistant against my cuddl-attacks Look at the pictures … especially Niki was wiped out

Tigani is here!

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Today we picked up Tigani.  He is so adorable and sweet. We took only a few picutres, more details later … we are occupied

Today the aliens, Martin and Niki, again visited my home. They were very excited to see me and tried to take some pictures, but of course I did not make it easy for them. In the end, half of their pictures were blurred, because I moved in the right moment Heute haben mich Martin und […]

I am nearly two month old now and I am growing every day. As you can see I am almost as big as my daddy.

Again a photo shooting

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Hi Fans, it’s me again: Tigani Vendetta! I am 1 month and 12 days old. This Sunday, half the waiting time (6 weeks) of Martin and Nicole is over Here are three new pictures of me, taken by Sabine and Karl from Patch of Heaven Bengals.

I am one month old!

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Hello everyone! Today it is one month ago that I saw the light of day. Sabine and Karl from Patch of Heaven Bengals took two pictures of me.