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Like many other blogs we  offer on our blog a RSS Feed. A lot of people are asking now “What is a RSS Feed”? To explain a RSS Feed in one sentence: with a RSS Feed you will never miss any news on a website. I don’t wanna get into details here, because there are […]

Tigani is here!

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Today we picked up Tigani.  He is so adorable and sweet. We took only a few picutres, more details later … we are occupied

Preparations for Tigani

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I collected a list of things we need to do until little Tigani moves in with us. I hope this list is also of interest for other cat owners to-be.

The date is set

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Yesterday we visited Tigani and Sabine and Karl of Patch of Heaven Bengals. As the first time, they were very kind and answered all our new questions. This time we were allowed to touch Tigani and play a little bit with him. He is adorable and amazingly beautiful, even though he is in fuzzy at […]

Simon’s Cat

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Some time ago there was a post in the forum of haustiere.de about Simon’s Cat, a very funny hand-drawn cartoon animation. I thought about it today and I think some of you will like it as much as I do. So visit the official website http://www.simonscat.com, checkout “Films” and enjoy

We count the days …

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… until we are finally allowed to take Tigani with us.  To make the waiting time a little bit easier we installed a “Wall of Tigani” with some pictures of the little guy and the most important thing: a calender were we cross out one field each day. It is similar to the time before […]

Our weblog becomes bilingual


As some of our friends are not fluet in English, we plan to make our weblog bilingual. This will allow our visitors to choose between English and German in the “Languages” section on the right. At the moment all content is in English except this post. We will do our best to provide the German […]

A little bit g33ky from http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/geekandpoke/2010/02/the-geek-joke-of-the-week.html, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 License

Since we are infected by the Bengal-Virus we are watching videos showing Bengal cats on YouTube. This is at the moment our favorite YouTube channel about Bengals: http://www.youtube.com/user/UkeeandKoru The videos are in good quality, with interesting and mostly funny text (comments in videos), and the Bengals are adorable

First thoughts …

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We are fascinated about Bengal cats. They are very beautiful cats with a look similar to the Asian leopard cat (ALC) and are known to be playful and active up to a high age. In this blog we are going to document all our steps and adventures: finding a breeder selecting a kitten preparing our […]