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A Catwalk for Tigani

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Gestern haben wir unser Projekt erfolgreich beendet: Der Bau eines Catwalks für Tigani. Hier folgen nun ein paar Fotos von den Bauarbeiten und ein Video von Tigani in Action auf seinem neuen Catwalk: Yesterday we finished our latest project: Building Tigani a Catwalk. In the following you wil find some pictures of the building process […]

Recently, we received the scratching post we ordered from Petfun. Of course we took some pictures of the show of strength when mounting the thing. The scratching post is completely made out of wood, so there are no cardboard boles. Therefore, it is very heavy and robust Here are some pictures with comments:

Call-O-Matic: R2D2 for Cats

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I read several times that cats like routine in their live, especially when it comes to feeding. As Martin and I love to sleep in on weekends, I bought a feeding machine to feed our cat in time and give us some peace After some research I decided for the “Call-O-Matic”.

Things for Tigani …

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I was shopping at Fressnapf this week and bought a view things for Tigani. I got a two-sided brush, because I plan to regulary comb him to reduce the amount of hair flying around in our apartment (Martin’s brother is allergic to hair of pets). I also read that combing is good for blood circulation […]

Today we received the carrier box for Tigani. We ordered “Gulliver 3 iata top free” from Amazon. The package was very big, as expected and the carrier box was wrapped in plastic bags. It reached us without any noticeable damage (e.g. scratches). All parts of the box look robust and it was easy to built. […]

I have a dream …

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… of a great catwalk (not a catwalk for models, but for cats) in our living room Our living room is the biggest room in our apartment, not only in its area, but also in its hight (3,40 meters). Therefore, we are thinking about building a catwalk on the walls to use all 3 dimensions […]

Scratching posts from Petfun

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I was searching the net for sources to buy a nice scratching post for our future cat. I started by looking at Amazon and different online-shops for animal supply. The scratching posts I found were ok, but  I was not really sure about them. Mostly they looked not very robust and stable, and were made […]

I was searching the internet about litter pans and somehow landed at this website: http://www.litterkwitter.com.au/en/index.php. It is about training your cat to use your toilett    … yes the one you are using!