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Call-O-Matic: R2D2 for Cats

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I read several times that cats like routine in their live, especially when it comes to feeding. As Martin and I love to sleep in on weekends, I bought a feeding machine to feed our cat in time and give us some peace After some research I decided for the “Call-O-Matic”.

Again about feed

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At the beginning a few interesting Links on the topic cat food. http://www.hauspuma.de/Gesundheit/Ernaehrung/trockenfutter.htm GER http://www.tatzenladen.de/infoseiten/Wahrheit_ueber_Trockenfutter.html GER http://www.savannahcat.de/katzenernaehrung.html GER http://www.kretakatzen.de/KK-Ernaehrung.htm GER http://www.holisticat.com/Home.html ENG http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/animals.htm ENG http://www.catnutrition.org/index.php ENG As you can see I informed myself quite well about the topic cat food (this link list is only part of the information I collected).

How should I feed our cat?

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I am constantly searching for information about cats and Bengal cats in particular. At the moment I am about to decide how to feed our future cat. The opinions on which food is healthy vary widely. There are people who feed their cats a combination of dry and wet food. Others only feed wet or […]

Almo Nature

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Almo Nature is another high-quality cat food. As Vet-Concept they only use ingredients which are also allowed for humans. They offer food in three categories: Natural, Cuisine and Taste, which are wet and dry food. Their website informs thoroughly about their products and is available in different languages: http://www.almonature.eu/index.cfm I am planing to also try […]


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Vet-Concept is a high quality pet food provider. They offer food not only for cats, but also dogs and horses. Their website https://vet-concept.com/ is very informative and gives details about the ingredients of their products.  They exclusivley use ingredients which are also allowed for humans and mention a digestibility of over 90%. I am definitely […]