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Simon’s Cat

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Some time ago there was a post in the forum of haustiere.de about Simon’s Cat, a very funny hand-drawn cartoon animation. I thought about it today and I think some of you will like it as much as I do. So visit the official website http://www.simonscat.com, checkout “Films” and enjoy :-D

We count the days …

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… until we are finally allowed to take Tigani with us.  To make the waiting time a little bit easier we installed a “Wall of Tigani” with some pictures of the little guy and the most important thing: a calender were we cross out one field each day. It is similar to the time before christmas … actually it is better ;-)

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Our weblog becomes bilingual


As some of our friends are not fluet in English, we plan to make our weblog bilingual. This will allow our visitors to choose between English and German in the “Languages” section on the right. At the moment all content is in English except this post.

We will do our best to provide the German text as soon as possible :-) We hope that we will get some comments after we have translated all posts ;-)

Book about litter pan problems

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I bought the German book “Stille Örtchen für Stubentiger”, which is all about problems with litter pans. In the first place,Stille   Örtchen für Stubentigerthis book is intended for people who already have problems with their cats and the litter pans, but it is also a good idea to read it before problems even occur to avoid them.

Title: Stille Örtchen für Stubentiger: Unsauberkeit bei Katzen verstehen und Lösungen finden
Author: Christine Hauschild
Publisher: Books on Demand

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Since we are infected by the Bengal-Virus we are watching videos showing Bengal cats on YouTube.

This is at the moment our favorite YouTube channel about Bengals: http://www.youtube.com/user/UkeeandKoru

The videos are in good quality, with interesting and mostly funny text (comments in videos), and the Bengals are adorable :-D

Things for Tigani …

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I was shopping at Fressnapf this week and bought a view things for Tigani.

I got a two-sided brush, because I plan to regulary comb him to reduce the amount of hair flying around in our apartment (Martin’s brother is allergic to hair of pets). I also read that combing is good for blood circulation and may relax a cat (if he/she likes it).

The actual reason for my shopping trip was

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Today we received the carrier box for Tigani. We ordered “Gulliver 3 iata top free” from Amazon. The package was very big, as expected and the carrier box was wrapped in plastic bags. It reached us without any noticeable damage (e.g. scratches). All parts of the box look robust and it was easy to built. We only had problems in mounting theses rings for mounting a carrying strap (see picture 4). It took Martin more than one hour. I guess he was a bit too cautious not to break them. Maybe you are faster with a brute force method :mrgreen:

Gulliver 3 iata top free is

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Family pictures

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Thanks to Sabine and Karl from Patch of Heaven Bengals, we are able to show you new pictures of Tigani (14 days old) with his siblings and mum. We are astonished how Sabine and Karl can distinguish them. We are not able to find Tigani in this bunch of furry balls ;-)

This is one of the very few books exclusively about Bengal cats.Bengal Cats

Title: “Bengal Cats, A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual”
Author: Dan Rice D.V.M. (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
Publisher: Barron’s

Besides content which is …
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How should I feed our cat?

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I am constantly searching for information about cats and Bengal cats in particular. At the moment I am about to decide how to feed our future cat.

The opinions on which food is healthy vary widely. There are people who feed their cats a combination of dry and wet food. Others only feed wet or dry. Besides the kind of food there are numerous brands to

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