I am constantly searching for information about cats and Bengal cats in particular. At the moment I am about to decide how to feed our future cat.

The opinions on which food is healthy vary widely. There are people who feed their cats a combination of dry and wet food. Others only feed wet or dry. Besides the kind of food there are numerous brands to

choose from, ranging from low-quality food, mainly available in supermarkets, to high-quality food partly only available in special shops.

Especially interesting for me is the philosophy to feed a cat as “natural” as possible. This means feeding raw meet including bones and entrails. This “way” of feeding a cat is often called BARF.

A very informative and interesting website is http://www.savannahcat.de/katzenernaehrung.html. They provide a lot of information about food there. Unfortunately, this part of their website seems to be only available in German :-(