Tigani, our Bengal Cat

and the daily life …

Review 2010

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As it is the 1st of January we will review our 8 month with Tigani:

The 27th of April 2010 was our fist day with Tigani. Since then a lot of things happened: funny, good, entertaining, but also sad things.

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Martin and Niki are not writing at the moment because I am sick :-(

The vets are confused about my case and have no idea what is wrong with me. As soon as we know what is going on and I feel better than now we will inform you about what was going on.

A Catwalk for Tigani

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Gestern haben wir unser Projekt erfolgreich beendet: Der Bau eines Catwalks für Tigani.

Hier folgen nun ein paar Fotos von den Bauarbeiten und ein Video von Tigani in Action auf seinem neuen Catwalk:

Yesterday we finished our latest project: Building Tigani a Catwalk.

In the following you wil find some pictures of the building process and a Video of Tigani in Action on his Catwalk:

I like weekends

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When I am traveling on the countryside with Niki and Martin it is always a lot of fun and entertainment. I already explored the big house of Niki’s parents and I now rule the house, even Niki’s dad is my subordinate. Now I was allowed to go into the garden :mrgreen: Niki mounted something annoying on me she called harness and leash :twisted: and then we went into the garden. In the beginning I hesitated a little bit because everything was new for me. For example I did not know the feeling of grass or soil under my feet. After a while I started to enjoy the outside and bravely explored the garden. In the meanwhile I love the garden and all the adventures waiting for me there in the unknown outside. Take a look at the following pictures of me in the garden.

I am thriving and I am very well-behaved when Niki is weighing me. There is a picture proofing this in the end.

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Enjoy our first video about Tigani’s first day with us.

Viel Spaß mit unserem ersten Video über Tiganis ersten Tag bei uns.